Serpent Ring

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The beautiful but deadly Serpent snake is a powerful symbol of protection, luck and royalty. In Ancient Egypt, Snake heads were popular amulets among kings and queens and Snake- themed precious metal jewelry were even wrapped in mummy coffins to reward the deceased with a safe, healthy and blessed afterlife.

Conquer any challenge that comes your way with the strength and grace of the Cobra with these stunning Egyptian Cobra Ring.
  • Stainless steel
  • Hypoallergenic, lead & nickel free

• Compatible with all fingers
• Fully Adjustable
• An unforgettable gift
• Does not turn dark or green
• Does not peel


A hypoallergenic piece to last a lifetime, we guarantee the quality of our pieces.


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Never goes out of style:

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Give yourself and someone you love a unique, delicate and caring accessory!



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